Welcome to Tomorrow!

MingTian means Tomorrow in Chinese. Our vision for Tomorrow is a co-developed world with the best from both sides

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We build bridges from East to West

We bridge China and Europe through culture, travel and business and through development of our common understanding

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Supporting Global Commerce

We support bilateral commerce and business with a focus on e-commerce and creative exchange to expand the business collaborations.

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Social Entrepreneurship

We work to make Tomorrow a better Today through sustainability and responsible business while acting locally on a global scale.

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Travel and Culture

We tailor personalized development journeys to better understand each other´s cultures - for both business and pleasure.

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Our services focus on bilateral gains and a holistic approach to long lasting relationships.

E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce is the the easiest way to begin selling to other countries. It is also the easiest way to find products that you may not find localy. Whether you want to sell or find something to buy, however big or small, we have the solution for you.

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Do you want to know more?

Looking to expand your business, to make the world greener or to learn more?

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About Us

MingTian, Chinese for Tomorrow, was founded 2012 in the Kingdom of Sweden.

The Company

The meaning of the company name - Tomorrow, the future and what there is to come, also mirrors the main concept of the company and its vision of creating a business and cultural bridge between Europe and China. The company has operations in China and in the EU and is both running it's own business in the apparel industry through its own brands such as AnySuit and HappyTie, but also to supporting other businesses to do the same. We can both advice regarding your international business development and investments, represent you on the new market or build up your business from ground up and prepare for the expansion. At MingTian we can work differently - if you prefer you give us your budget and we tailor the service accordingly. We also have the customer in focus and we never charge if the client is not 100% satisfied with the result.

The Founders

MingTian was founded and is owned by Alexander V Garbu, also known as 龙天,and Xu Mingsu (徐茗苏), also known as Emma Xu. Alexander is a Swedish-Romanian serial entrepreneur with background in business and law from Stockholm, Lund, Uppsala and Shanghai universities. He has earlier worked with the Swedish Trade Council and has over 6 years experience of business development in China and is also the founder and CEO of iQubator. Alexander has a 15+ years burning interest in IT, as well as design, travel and cooking. Emma is an artistic design graduate from the famous Jiaotong University and has worked with design, sourcing, production management in the apparel industry and project management for e-learning platforms for companies such as Ford, Crysler and GM. By heart on the other hand she loves singing, art, cats and travel.

We always keep what we promise!
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The Founders

Vi gör det lätt att starta eget

Vi hittar din produkt, sköter import, frakt och leverans till din dörr. Vi kan ta fram paketering och t.o.m. utveckla din webshopp! Vill du ha förslag på spännande produkter - läs vår blogg (på engelska)!

Kontakta oss

Importera från Kina!

Enkelt, snabbt och krångelfritt! En tjänst av svenskar för svenskar.

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